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Car Training F.A.Q.

How do I get a Car Permit?

You must be 16 years of age or older to apply for a learner permit. If you are under the age of 18, your parent or your legal guardian must sign the consent section of your form MV-44 (Driver License Application). Your parent or legal guardian can sign the form before you bring it to a DMV office. Your parent or legal guardian is not required to go to the DMV office with you to sign form MV-44. You do not require consent if you are age 17 and you have a form MV-285 driver education certificate.

You must have proof of identity. The proof must have a total value of at least six points and must prove your date of birth. If you do not have 6 points of proof of identity, your parent or your legal guardian can complete form MV-45 at a DMV office and show proof of identity.

You must show your Social Security card. If you are not eligible for a Social Security Number, you must get a letter from the Social Security Administration that indicates that you are not eligible for a Social Security Number. You must show the letter to the DMV.

When You Apply for a Learner Permit:
Complete form MV-44 (Driver License Application). Take the form and your proofs of identity and date of birth to a local DMV office. Take a vision test at the DMV office, or bring a valid form MV-619 (Eye Test Report) completed by an eye-care professional. If the form MV-619 has a print date of 9/03 or earlier, the form is valid for 6 months after the date of the eye test.  If the form has a print date of 3/04 or later, the eye-care professional marks a box on the form to indicate if the form is valid for 6 months or for 12 months after the date of the eye test.  Bring cash, a personal check or a credit card to pay the application fee and the driver license fee. See the driver license fee scheduleto determine your fee.

Take the written permit test. Review the hours for written tests and any requirement for a test appointment on the local DMV office page. To pass the test, you must give the correct answers to at least 14 of the 20 multiple-choice questions, which includes the correct answers to at least two of the four questions about road signs.

If you do not pass the written test for a non-CDL class license (class D, DJ, E, M, or MJ), you can take the written test again any number of times without a limit. For the non-CDL license classes, you do not pay additional fees to take the test more than one time. If you do not pass, the DMV recommends that you study the Driver's Manual and take the test on another day. If you pass the test, the DMV issues you a learner permit valid for approximately 5 years. The exact expiration date depends on your date of birth and the date that you applied for the permit.

You are not required to take the written test if you have a form MV-285 driver education certificate.
If you are under age 18, read the Graduated License Law section of the Resources for the Young Driver pages at this web site to learn about the restricted driving privileges for learner permits and junior licenses.
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I want to PASS my road test the FIRST time…what is the best strategy?

Whether you are a beginner or advance driver we recommend taking an evaluation lesson and letting an instructor give you an honest opinion on your skill level.  Your instructor will also give you a hours of training recommendation. 90% of our students who follow the recommendation of their instructor PASS on their FIRST time.   Learning to drive is a one time investment in yourself.  Do not cheat yourself by trying to cut corners; your success and future safety is important to us. Check out our video below...

What is the 5hr Class Schedule?

Make sure you bring your valid N.Y. Permit & if you pre-pay at least 24 hr in advance you receive a discount. Click here to schedule a class or for more info Enter answer here

I need a FAST road test date

In order to get a fast road test date you will need to have your New York Car Permit and MV-278 Certificate.  These fast road test dates are not easy to find but we have a team of staff members that can scan the DMV system for you until they find one. We have a service which can get you a date in 10 days or less instead of the 7-8 week waiting period.
Call us at 718-278-6679 to discuss this further.

What is our student road test passing rate?

Ferrari Driving School students that have taken the Instructor's training recommendation have had a FIRST time passing rate of over 90%. During the first lesson we always evaluate and give an honest opinion on your SPECIFIC training needs.Enter answer here

What to expect on the New York Car Road Test (video)

This video will cover the New York DMV Car Road Test
  • what to bring on your road test day
  • what to expect
  • how you can improve your chances of PASSING
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What is the Defensive Driving Course?

This course applies to ALL license types and will give you a savings of 10% on your liability insurance. In order to continue receiving that 10% discount you must take the course every 3 years. To reduce up to 4 points off your driving record you can take the course every 18 months. You can take this course online or at one of our Queens, Brooklyn, and Bronx locations. Call 718-278-6679 to Schedule a Class or Take Online Enter answer here

What is the DMV mandatory 5 Hour Pre-Licensing Class?

Bronx - Ferrari Driving School classroom The 5 hour Pre-licensing Class must be completed by first time license applicants. We offer this DMV approved class in our Queens, Brooklyn, & Bronx locations. The 5 hour class is part lecture, part film, and breaks in between.  By taking this class you will be issued the MV-278 certificate which is needed in order to schedule your Road Test.   On the day of your Road test you will need to bring this certificate along with your PHOTO permit to the Road test.  Click here to schedule the classEnter answer here

What are Ferrari’s 5 levels of training?What is this exclusive 5 level training program?

Ferrari 5 Level Training Program   We have spent many years creating our easy to understand 5 levels of training.  It will allow you and your instructor to identify and focus on the areas you need work on:
  1. Learning the basics. Brake , steering, gas, and signaling. How far and fast the car moves. Where, when, and how to observe.
  2. Develop Judgment through structured experiences and repetition. Approaching Intersections judging traffic and road conditions.
  3. Becoming Semi-Independent; learning to Anticipate hazards and React accordingly
  4. Becoming Independent, confident and in control of most situations. Students at this level should pass the road test.
  5. Fully independent, highly skilled, mature judgment under the most challenging situations.
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Tell me about Ferrari Car Instructors:

What separates Ferrari from other schools is the amount of training and support we give our Instructors.  We only hire based on their experience, patience, and their dedication to helping YOU become a safe licensed driver.Enter answer here

Our training cars

Our fleet of modern Toyota Corollas are dual controlled.  Dual controlled means the instructor has a brake pedal on his side for safety.  The Corolla is the perfect size for training and has great visibility from all windows.Enter answer here

Standard Stick Shift / Manual Transmission Training:

Are you planning on purchasing a manual transmission car or renting a car overseas? Driving a stick shift car can be a lot of fun. Learn on OUR vehicle the proper way to avoid burning the clutch! Contact us at 718-278-6679 for options and pricingEnter answer here

How do I get an International Drivers License?

When traveling overseas, carry an International Driving Permit ... even if you're not planning to drive. Should you need to communicate with foreign authorities, this recognizable form of identification can help you get on your way more quickly. Valid in over 150 countries, the permit contains your name, photo and driver information translated into ten languages. World Map Want us to mail you your license directly? You will need to fill out the application form and supply us with two ORIGINAL passport-type photos. NOTE: International Driving Permits may not be issued more than six (6) months in advance of desired effective date. If you want to save a trip to us simply print out the application, fill in the information requested and If you prefer to secure your International Driving Permit through the mail, enclose your completed application form, two ORIGINAL passport-type photos each signed on the back, a $15USD permit fee and a photocopy of both sides of your driver's license and mail them to the AAA office nearest you. Include additional U.S. funds for expedited return mail service, if desired. See, or for rates.Enter answer here

Will I learn anything on an evaluation lesson?

YES you will and practice many things on the evaluation lesson.  If you want to be able to cover even more material we recommend the double evaluation which is basically double the time.  Remember this will be is an opportunity to evaluate us!Enter answer here

Study for Car Permit Online NOW

Click here to study online Fill out our contact form and select the free practice test you would like. The URL address for the TEST is shown immediately after submitting your information.Enter answer here

I am an experienced driver, but I need my license right away:

If you learned to drive in another state or another country we can help.  We know you don't need to learn the ABC's all over again but we also know that every day driving and preparing for the road test are two different things.  We recommend scheduling an evaluation lesson as soon as possible to see where you stand and prepare you for the exam.  If you haven't done so already you should schedule the mandatory 5hr Class. This class certificate is needed in order to schedule your road test and we can do that for you during the class.Enter answer here

I have SOME driving experience

OK, so you have some experience but need to take your driving to the next level right.  The BEST thing to do is set up an evaluation lesson and let your instructor give you an honest opinion on where you stand and what you will need to feel more confident and ultimately PASS the exam.Enter answer here

I am a Beginner Driver. Help!

In many ways it better to start off with no experience.  People with "some" experience many times have bad habits which take extra time to break.  Our instructors specialize in beginner drivers and our "From the Curb" exercises is a proven method for getting you out on the road safety and with the proper foundation. Start off with an Evaluation Lesson and let your instructor give you an honest opinion on what you will need.   This lesson is also an opportunity for you to evaluate us!Enter answer here

Where can I take my training?

We offer FREE pick-up service in most areas or you can come to one of our 5 convenient locations in Queens, Brooklyn, or Bronx.  Click here for directions.Enter answer here

Where are the DMV Locations?Where are the DMV Locations? Queens:  168-46 91st Avenue - Jamaica 168-35 Rockaway Blvd. - Springfield Gardens 30-56 Whitestone Expressway - College Point Brooklyn: 625 Altantic Ave 2875 West 8th Street - Coney Island Bronx: 696 East Fordam Road NYC: 11 Greenwich Street 159 East 125th Street 1293-1311 Broadway Staten Island: 141 East Service RoadEnter answer here

Wheel Spinner, Hearing impaired, left foot accelerator Training

Ferrari Driving School can train students on our vehicles or yours if you are: - hearing impaired - require a steering wheel spinner - left foot accelerator Training is done in either 1.5 hr sessions or 2.25 hr sessions. Enter answer here

TLC Info (Taxi & Limo Commission)

Students that need a Sign Language Interpreter

For students that need a Sign Language Interpreter there is a service right in Forest Hills that provides interpreters and also a speech-to-text service. The service is called ALL HANDS IN MOTION Professional Sign Language Interpreters. Click for -> Services in other boroughs Enter answer here