Truck – B

Class B – Truck (over 26,000 lb. w. airbrakes)

Our college trained instructors can get you on the road with a new career in just a few months. A career in trucking offers a lot of opportunities including becoming an owner operator. Veterans can receive additional help for their training.

Your next driver training career goals can include forklift certification, tow truck endorsement, air brakes and a DOT interstate permit (REQUIRED any time a state line is crossed).

Whether you drive near or far, your CDL training will always benefit you in the long haul.

  • A Car License & 18 years of age or over (required)
  • Taking a CDL permit test for General Knowledge (50 questions) & Air Brakes (25 questions).
  • Our International Truck has an easy to use 5 speed transmission.
  • We can provide you with the Instructor & Vehicle to go for the Road Test.
  • We provide JOB PLACEMENT assistance.
  • Tuition Financing for Ferrari Driving School Apply HERE

Can you help me get the CDL permit?

Yes we have created a question & answer study course which makes PASSING the CDL permit exam very easy.  You can study as long as needed until you pass. What makes the course work is after you study the material you test yourself and get a chance to REVIEW the questions you got wrong.  This makes the learning process happen much easier than reading the whole DMV manual.Enter answer here

What is our student road test passing rate?

Ferrari Driving School students that have taken the Instructor's training recommendation have had a FIRST time passing rate of over 90%. During the first lesson we always evaluate and give an honest opinion on your SPECIFIC training needs.Enter answer here

Why is forklift training and certification important?

Trucking companies see hiring a driver that is OSHA certified to operate a Forklift as a huge plus.  This can allow you to load your own truck load which cuts down on potential costs for the company.  This also allows you to potentially work in the warehouse when delivery orders are slow.  This all equals better JOB SECURITY. Enter answer here

What are the projected C.D.L. employment statistics?

  • Jobs for Truck Drivers, Heavy and Tractor-Trailer 2008 & 2018 in the US are expected to increase by 13%
  • The median wage for Truck Drivers, Heavy and Tractor-Trailer in New York State for May 2009 was over $19 per hour.
  •  Jobs for Transit and Intercity Bus Drivers between 2008 and 2018 in the US are expected to increase by 8%.
  • The median wage for Transit and Intercity Bus Drivers in New York State for May 2009 was over $25 per hour.
Projection Data provided by the National Employment Matrix and the US Dept. of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics.Enter answer here

What is the DOT Certification Class?

U.S. D.O.T (Department of Transportation) Certification will allow you operate a Commercial Vehicle across state lines (interstate) Driving without the Certification can result in heavy fines & vehicle impoundment for both driver & company. The certification class is done at our Main Office every Friday at 1:30pm or 5:30pm. You will receive the certification the same day upon completion. Click here to scheduleEnter answer here

What are the new CDL regulations for current license holders?

New Regulations for all CDL Licensed Drivers, This Will Affect All CDL License holders. See DMV Links below: answer here