Government Training Programs

Ferrari Driving School training is approved by the following:
Acces , Veteran Administration, HRA

• CDL Jobs are always in demand
• Freedom to work outdoors and not being “trapped” in an office
• Ability to relocate anywhere in the US and take your license with you
• CDL Drivers cannot be replaced by technology/machines
• CDL jobs cannot be sent overseas
• Unlike many Hi-Tech Jobs, you don’t need to constantly go back to school for more training

Contact our Program Dept to find out about various Goverment Programs at 718-278-6679 (Choose English or Spanish then option 3) or email:

Do you train on how to drive stick shift/manual transmission?

Yes we do. You can learn first on our car, a pick-up truck, then advance to a Class B truck or Clas A Tractor Trailer. Enter answer here

Why is forklift training and certification important?

Trucking companies see hiring a driver that is OSHA certified to operate a Forklift as a huge plus.  This can allow you to load your own truck load which cuts down on potential costs for the company.  This also allows you to potentially work in the warehouse when delivery orders are slow.  This all equals better JOB SECURITY. Enter answer here

How long is the training program?

Lengths of training programs may vary depending on:
  • which program you are approved by
  • if you are doing car and cdl training or just one vehicle type
  • how motivated you are
  • DMV Road Test dates
We give lessons 7 days a week and have flexible scheduling.   Our classrooms are open Monday to Friday from 9am to 3pm.Enter answer here

What are the projected C.D.L. employment statistics?

  • Jobs for Truck Drivers, Heavy and Tractor-Trailer 2008 & 2018 in the US are expected to increase by 13%
  • The median wage for Truck Drivers, Heavy and Tractor-Trailer in New York State for May 2009 was over $19 per hour.
  •  Jobs for Transit and Intercity Bus Drivers between 2008 and 2018 in the US are expected to increase by 8%.
  • The median wage for Transit and Intercity Bus Drivers in New York State for May 2009 was over $25 per hour.
Projection Data provided by the National Employment Matrix and the US Dept. of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics.Enter answer here

CDL Employment Opportunites:

  •  The New York Motor Truck Assoc., predict a shortage of qualified drivers in the near future. Better pay and benefits are offered by employers to attract and retain men and women as professional drivers. Employment opportunities for well trained and motivated individuals in the transportation profession are many. The trucking industry offers a wide range of positions, from loading freight to driving vehicles locally and over-the-road.
  • Trucking is the nation’s second largest industry, employing over 5 million men and women as drivers, mechanics and in related services. The Trucking Industry moves 70% of the nation’s freight, and employs approximately 1 out of every 9 workers in America.
Enter answer here

How and when can I visit your school?

We invite you to visit us any day Monday through Saturday but we do recommend contacting us for an appointment so that we are aware of your visit.  718-278-6679 (Choose English or Spanish then option 3) or email: Elsie@FerrariDrivingSchool.comEnter answer here

I am already APPROVED by a program..what is my next step?

Contact our Program Dept  at 718-278-6679 (Choose English or Spanish then option 3) or email: so we can get you started.Enter answer here

Tell me about LIFETIME job placement assistance:

What seperates us from other schools is the best JOB ready training you will receive. This will lead to separating YOU from the other applicants when it comes time for the job interview.   Many companies trust that the training that you will receive will meet their requirements. This has lead to many long term relationships with companies in various industries such as:   Passenger Transport, Private Sanitation, Cement companies, short and long all trucking, etc. Not only will we help you get your first job, but you can come back to us any time in the future if you want to find something else.    Enter answer here

Why Choose Ferrari Driving School?

  • Driver Training since 1968
  • The staff at the school is readily available to assist you in selecting the courses which will best meet your individual needs and long range goals
  • Open 7 days a week with flexible schedules
  • Training on all vehicles:  Cars - Buses - MiniBus - Truck - Tractor Trailers - Forklifts
  • Multi-lingual Instructors are hired and trained for your success
  • JOB Ready Training (not just to pass the road test)
  • LIFETIME Job Placement Assistance
  • 4 Training Locations: Astoria Main OfficeQueensBrooklynBronx
Enter answer here

Where can I do my training?

We have 4 modern training facilities in Queens, Brooklyn, & the Bronx.  Enter answer here
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