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We can also save you a trip to the D.M.V. to obtain your license plates and vehicle registration.

What is Insurance?

Insurance is the equitable transfer of the risk of a loss, from one entity to another in exchange for payment. It is a form of risk management primarily used to hedge against the risk of a contingent, uncertain loss. An insurer, or insurance carrier, is a company selling the insurance; the insured, or policyholder, is the person or entity buying the insurance policy. The amount of money to be charged for a certain amount of insurance coverage is called the premium. Risk management, the practice of appraising and controlling risk, has evolved as a discrete field of study and practice. The transaction involves the insured assuming a guaranteed and known relatively small loss in the form of payment to the insurer in exchange for the insurer's promise to compensate (indemnify) the insured in the case of a financial (personal) loss. The insured receives a contract, called the insurance policy, which details the conditions and circumstances under which the insured will be financially compensated.Enter answer here

I want to transfer my TITLE to someone else

Fill out form  MV-82 & bring that in to us.Enter answer here

What is the Defensive Driving Course?

This course applies to ALL license types and will give you a savings of 10% on your liability insurance. In order to continue receiving that 10% discount you must take the course every 3 years. To reduce up to 4 points off your driving record you can take the course every 18 months. You can take this course online or at one of our Queens, Brooklyn, and Bronx locations. Call 718-278-6679 to Schedule a Class or Take Online Enter answer here

I have a driver’s license from another country how can I get a discounted rate?

If  you have a license from another country you can get credit towards your insurance rate.  We can translate this information for a lower rate instead of being treated as a "new driver"   This can add up to 20% discount on your insurance! Bring in: 
  • Driver's License from issuing country
  • New York Driver's license
Enter answer here

I want to transfer my plates to another vehicle:

  • Filled out form MV-82  (we have forms here if you can't print)
  • Filled out form DTF-802  (we have forms here if you can't print)
  • Title of NEW Vehicle
  • Copy of previous REGISTRATION
  • Insurance Card
  • Drivers License
Bring that all by 5pm and we can complete the service for the following day.Enter answer here

I need to renew my vehicle registration:

  • Fill out the MV-82 form
  • Bring in a Valid Insurance Card (issue date must be no longer than 45 days old)
  • Copy of Driver's License (we can make copy here)
Enter answer here

I need to get my driving abstract from another state:

We can not obtain out of state driving abstracts. Only New York State records can be obtained by us. You will need to contact the DMV in the state which holds the license record.Enter answer here

I would like to register a boat:

Fill out form: MV-82b, bring your Driver's License, Title of boat and bring that to our main office. 3232 Steinway St.  Astoria, NY 11103Enter answer here

How can I get a duplicate of a vehicle title?

Fill out form:  MV-902 and bring copy of driver's license, copy of the vehicle registration to our main office. 3232 Steinway St. Astoria, NY 11103Enter answer here

How do I register a company car?

You will need to bring us:
  • Insurance Card under company name
  • Proof of corporation: Filing receipt or any vehicle registered under the company name
  • Original Title (no photocopy)
  • Company check made out to Dept. of Motor Vehicles for each transaction
  • Copy of driver's license of who ever is signing the DMV documents
  • Filled out Forms MV82, DTF-802 and also if you are buying a vehicle from a  company you will need a bill of sale (we can make a bill of sale for you)
Call us if you have any questions about this at 718-204-1661Enter answer here

Can you go to the DMV and obtain my plates & registration?

Yes we can!  You will need to fill out the MV-82 form and DTF-802 form.  Bring in: 
  • Vehicle Title
  • Insurance Card
  • Drivers License
Call us if you have any questions 718-204-1661Enter answer here

I need to get a DMV abstract

Save a trip to the DMV. We can get your abstract through our online access. Call us at 718-204-1661Enter answer here

How do I get an International Drivers License?

When traveling overseas, carry an International Driving Permit ... even if you're not planning to drive. Should you need to communicate with foreign authorities, this recognizable form of identification can help you get on your way more quickly. Valid in over 150 countries, the permit contains your name, photo and driver information translated into ten languages. World Map Want us to mail you your license directly? You will need to fill out the application form and supply us with two ORIGINAL passport-type photos. NOTE: International Driving Permits may not be issued more than six (6) months in advance of desired effective date. If you want to save a trip to us simply print out the application, fill in the information requested and If you prefer to secure your International Driving Permit through the mail, enclose your completed application form, two ORIGINAL passport-type photos each signed on the back, a $15USD permit fee and a photocopy of both sides of your driver's license and mail them to the AAA office nearest you. Include additional U.S. funds for expedited return mail service, if desired. See, or for rates.Enter answer here