Warehousing & Inventory Associate Training

Most industrial companies require forklift operators to attain certification in order to be in-compliant with OSHA. Any lift truck operator, no matter the industry that they are working in, such as construction, shipyards, etc, should attain forklift certification. Operators who have successfully completed a certification course often aide in company control cost, lower maintenance fees, reduction of material damage and an increase efficiency as well as fewer near-miss accidents or even more serious accidents. With properly trained operators, there is no more guessing about the best approach, balance and transportation of a load.

The requirement for high levels of customer service together with increasing amount of stock and high labor costs have dramatically increased the complexity of warehouse operations. It is no longer sufficient to manage a warehouse based on a simple, arbitrary “ABC” classification of stock, which treats all those in a category as if they were identical. Instead, each decision, such as where to store or where to pick product, must be based on careful engineering and economic analysis. Each inventory item must identify its cheapest, fastest path through the warehouse to the customer. This results in warehouse operations that are finely tuned to patterns of customer orders, and so maximally efficient. Learn the concepts necessary to address modern warehouse trade-offs between space and time in optimizing and managing a warehouse.

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